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Solo Gelato, an established brand in the Greek ice cream market, but also the best ice cream in Europe, now you can enjoy it in Lavrio too!

In the central square of Lavrio you will find fresh Italian ice cream with minimal fat (only 5%), which is prepared daily with pure first quality ingredients, namely fresh milk and fruit.

Its history (which starts indirectly from the 1930s with the milk and sugar shop in the then country town of Chalandri), leaves no room for questioning the commitment of the family that started the business to the favorite sweet of all ages. All these decades, life may have changed but the taste was sealed with handmade, delicious and fresh ice cream.

With a recipe literally handed down from grandfather to grandfather, at Solo Gelato you will be faced with the sweetest dilemmas: Velvety and full-flavored Sicilian pistachio, timeless cream, French DOC chocolate, hazelnut from Piemonte, natural Madagascar vanilla, Mediterraneo with almond, peanut and orange and lemon zest, salted milk caramel that evokes memories of an old dairy, Cremino with white gianduja and many more taste surprises, make up a list of proposals that no one can resist!

Awarded 1st place in the Pan-European Ice Cream Championship held in Berlin in 2012.

Iroon Polytechniou Square 28, 19500, Lavrio