Molyvies Bookstore - Gifts

Molyvies Bookstore - Gifts

Bookstore - Gifts

Tel. - Fax: 22920 26715
Facebook: molivies_lavrio
Instagram: @molivies_lavrio

Flowers - Plants

Roubeidis Flower Creations

Roubeidis Flower Creations

Rich variety of flowers and plants that will accompany the most important days of your life.

With fresh flowers we create for you beautiful compositions of colors and fragrances for every occasion.

Tel.: 22994 01477
Mobile: 6983 857313
Facebook: Λουλούδια Ρουμπεiδης
Instagram: @roubeidis_floral_creations

General Trade

Cartridge World & Atmos World

Cartridge World & Atmos World

Cartridge World
• Refilling and rebuilding all cartridges and toner
• Office supplies
• Photocopies A4 / A3 / BLACK / COLOR

Atmos World
• Electronic cigarettes of all kinds over 120 different flavors!
• Refill Fluids - Consumables - All for Evaporation

Tel. - Fax: 22925 50151
Facebook: Cartridge World Lavrio
Facebook: AtmosWorld

Clothes - Shoes - Gifts - Souvenirs

Dafni Store

Dafni Store

DAFNI store started its commercial activity in 2007 with the sale of wedding items, christening items, jewelry, accessories, gift items and unique handmade creations.
Today, each category was enriched by lovingly creating the DAFNI store, a mini department store, which is located in the central square of Lavrio at 27 Iroon Polytechniou Street.



Αrt gifts, souvenirs & more

Tel.: 22920 26990
Facebook: Belleville art gifts, souvenirs & more
Instagram: @belleville.artgiftshop
TripAdvisor: Belleville

Iatrou Store

Iatrou Store

Iatrou store has been by your side since 1932, to always serve you with a smile and to offer you high quality products in clothing, footwear, linen and sewing.

Address: Stratilatou Konstantinou 32, Keratea, 19001
Tel.: 22990 68055
Facebook: ΙΑΤΡΟΥ
Instagram: @iatrou_1932

Kexagioglou Clothing & Linen Store

Kexagioglou Clothing & Linen Store

Women's underwear - Men's underwear - Children's clothing - Swimwear - Men's Socks - Women's Socks - Linen (Blankets, Towels, Pillows) - Baby Dowry - Women's Clothing - Men's Clothing

Tel.: 22920 25231
Facebook: Κεχαγιόγλου Λαύριο
Instagram: @kexagioglou_since_1952

Mitrogianni Christina - Handmade

Mitrogianni Christina Handmade

15 years now in our physical store in Keratea we create, we choose, we design, we dream!

Whether it is useful items such as clothes and shoes, or other, non-"useful" items such as jewelry and decorations, they first became our favorites and then yours.

And with true love and care we make our own products jewelry, candles, charms, sandals, decorations.

Thank you for your preference all these years.

Tel.: 22990 69113
Mobile: 6948 179799
Facebook: Χριστίνα Μητρογιάννη
Instagram: @chmitrogianni_ergasthrio

Peritexno - Handmade Jewelry & Gift Items

Peritexno Handmade Jewelry & Gift Items

Since 2005, we operate with great passion in a warm and welcoming place where you can see all our products and choose the one that suits you.

We draw inspiration from everyday life to express your creativity and imagination.

Our objective is to create handmade products with a unique & different character for a daily look full of confidence, at affordable prices. We are constantly evolving and we do not rely on ready-made solutions.

Tel.: 22920 27681
Facebook: Περιτεχνο Λαύριο
Facebook Page: Περιτεχνο-Peritexno
Instagram: @peritexno_lavrio

Tsakoumakis Shoes

Tsakoumakis Shoes

Since 1900 shoes for men, women, kids, sports shoes, boat shoes, flip flops, greek sandals, slippers etc.

Tel.: 22920 23020
Mobile: 6977 961850
Facebook: Tsakoumakis Shoes

Electronic - Household Appliances

Kanachalidis Best Electric

Kanachalidis Best Electric

Electrical items, Household appliances, Air conditioners, Kitchens, Refrigerators, Small appliances, Air conditioning installations in Lavrio

Tel: 22920 24634
Tel: 22920 61005
Facebook: Καναχαλιδης Best Electric
Instagram: @kanachalidis_best_electric

Electronics - Electrical

Multi Actions ΟΕ

Multi Actions ΟΕ

The company Multi Actions OE, is active in trade of: Firefighting equipment, CCTV surveillance systems, Led lamps, Batteries of all types
Its operational activity extends to the installation of firefighting systems, active and passive fire protection.

Jewelry - Watches

Anything a watch needs

Anything a watch needs

Watch repairs

Batteries - Bracelets - Alarm Clocks - Wall Clocks - Straps - Automatic - Kinetic - Chronographs

Tel.: 22921 59348
Mobile: 6971 783851
Facebook: Οτι Χρειαζεται Ενα Ρολοι -Επισκευες

Glasses - Sunglasses

Optic Stores Hrisohou

Optic Stores Hrisohou

Optic stores Hrisohou with extensive experience in the field of optics, offer high quality products and services over time.
In the two stores of Lavrio and Anavyssos, you will find a large variety of sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses and accessories, at the most competitive prices and with impeccable service.

Pet Shop & Care

Dalaretou Chrisoula - Pet feed, dog feed, beekeeping

Dalaretou Chrisoula Pet feed, dog feed, beekeeping

Fodder, wheat, oats, corn, cotton pie, bran, hay, clover, charcoal, dog food, cat food, canned food, beekeeping products & masks, jars, hives etc.

Mobile: 6979 126657
Facebook: Σούλα Δαλαρέτου ζωοτροφες

My Pet - Pet Shop

My Pet Pet Shop

Accessories - Beauty - Food - Toys - Blankets - Houses - Carrier box - Animal hairdresser - Straps

Tel: 22920 22142
Facebook: MY PET Λαυρίου
Address: Lavriou - Souniou & Chatzimichali Elias Avenue, Lavrio

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Contact Person: Vangelis Tarasis
22920 60526 - 6973440131